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"The texture of these Swipes was so great. It was able to scrub away even old stains on my countertops."

-Kristin G.

So, how does it work?

Add water

Just add water

swipes unfolds to a cleaning wipe

Unfolds to a full-size textured cleaning wipe

ready to clean

Ready for a quick clean on any surface!

Say hello to your multi-surface scrubbing buddy!

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Welcome to the breakthrough way to clean

Bounty Swipes

Refillable Starter Kit

Get started here with your easy-to-use Refillable Canister Starter Kit!

Swipes Refillable Starter Kit


Bounty Swipes
Refillable Canister + Bag Starter Kit


Free Shipping

• Water-activated, full-size cleaning wipes
• Contains 50 Swipes total:
     • 25 included the Canister
     • 25 included in the Starter Refill Bag
• Full-size wipe is 9 x 8 in. (22.8 x 20.3 cm)

3x Refill Pack

We have a hunch you're going to love this! When you start to run low, grab a Refill Pack.

Swipes 3x refill pack


Bounty Swipes
3x Refill Pack

Free Shipping

• Water-activated full-size cleaning wipes
• Contains 75 Swipes total
• Full-size wipe is 9 x 8 in. (22.8 x 20.3 cm)

Ingredients & Safety

What should I know about Bounty Swipe's safety?
Caution: DO NOT USE FOR MICROWAVE OR CONVENTIONAL OVEN COOKING. PAPER PRODUCTS CAN IGNITE. In case of fire, turn off power sources and leave door closed. To avoid risk of choking, keep out of reach of children and pets. Causes mild to moderate eye irritation. Avoid eye contact. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Not for food preparation or cooking. Not for personal cleansing or drying skin. If used to spot clean floors, rinse and let dry. Do not use with bleach containing products.

Do Not Flush.

For Medical Related Questions: 1-800-354-9757

What are the cleaning ingredients containted in Bounty Swipes?
Ingredient: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
CAS Number: 68585-47-7
Purpose: Provides cleaning

Ingredient: PEG
CAS Number: 112-60-7, 25322-68-3
Purpose: Stabilizes formula

Ingredient: C 10-16 Alkyldime-Thylamine Oxide
CAS Number: 308062-28-4, 70592-80-2
Purpose: Boosts Cleaning

Ingredient: Sodium Laureth Sulfate
CAS Number: 68585-34-2
Purpose: Provides cleaning

Other General Questions

Is it OK to use Bounty Swipes for general cleaning?
Yes, Bounty Swipes is designed to be used for a number of various household cleaning tasks such as countertop cleaning, appliance cleaning and many others.
Is Bounty Swipes anti-bacterial?
Bounty Swipes was not formulated as an antibacterial product.
Is there a version of Bounty Swipes that is anti-bacterial?
No. We don’t currently produce a version of Bounty Swipes that is anti-bacterial.
What are Bounty Swipes made of?
Ingredient: Wood pulp and water
Function or Benefit: Raw indredients found in nature. Our pulp is sourced from softwood and hardwood tress.

Ingredient: Water based adhesive
Function or Benefit: Holds the 2-ply product together, the product to the cardboard core and keeps the end of the roll secure before the first use. These types of adhesives are used in various applications and are typical of materials used in food thickening and pharmaceuticals.

Ingredient: Conditioners
Function or Benefit: Added to improve the overall experience of the product. For example, conditioners may improve softtness or strength.
How do “rinse and wring” Bounty Swipes to get shiny surfaces?
If you’re going to be cleaning a mirror, glass cooktop, or other shiny surfaces, wet the product, wring, and rinse again.  Or, leave the wipe under running water for a few extra seconds and squeeze the water out thoroughly.  There will still be plenty of cleanser to clean your surface and when it dries down the special formulated cleaning agents will disappear to a virtually haze free shine.
What can I do to get Bounty Swipes to better/completely remove grease/oil?
Adding less water to the towel initially to activate the suds will help keep more of the soap on the towel instead of rinsing it away. Having more soap in the towel will help clean grease/oil better.
How many jobs can be done with one Bounty Swipe?
Bounty Swipes was designed to do 2-3 cleaning tasks per towel (i.e. wiping down your countertop and cooktop after a meal).
Too many suds/how do I manage the suds?
If you feel that the product has too many suds for the job/task you are wishing to complete, you can simply run more water through the towel while activating the soap suds to reduce the amount of suds and cleaning agent.
I’m seeing soap residue on my surfaces after using Bounty Swipes.  What can I do to get better results?
To achieve the best results you should squeeze most of the excess water from the towel prior to cleaning the surface.  There are certain situations where your local water conditions (i.e. hard water) will make it more difficult to get no visible residue without rinsing.